Original Messagepad and Newton 100

Original Newton Messagepad/Messagepad 100

The Original Newton Messagepad was, of course, the very first Newton. From a Collector's standpoint, it is a novelty in it's own right - being the Newton that started it all.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The OMP and 100 shared the exact same physical case. In fact, it's very difficult to tell the two apart.. The label on the back of these devices merely provide "Apple H1000" as the model number. The main difference between the two units is that the 100 had an updated OS (1.3), as compared to the OMP's NOS v1.0. Another minor difference is the fact that MP100's have a small round sticker under the battery that reads MP100

The case is very distinctive and equals the MP2x00 in width. It provides a single PCMCIA slot situated at the top of the unit, runs on 4 AAA batteries and houses a flat stylus on the right side of the unit. Overall, I personally like the case design a lot - it seems very refined.

If you registered your unit with Apple, users received an Bonus aluminum stylus to replace the stock plastic stylus.

Rare Units

Apparently, there are a few Clear OMP/100 cases floating around out there. Pictures of these units can be found at Axel Muhr's Newton Secrets site. Axel Muhr states that these went to "Good customers and VIPs". I have never seen another reference to these units, and have no idea how limited a run was made, but as you can see in the pictures, these units do exist. If anyone has any further information, please email me.

Beta Newton Notepad

From a Pen Computing article on Why Apple Killed Newton?:

The Newton Notepad was the original Beta Seed release of the Original Newton Messagepad. As stated above, it was originally dubbed the Newton Notepad. This unit runs NOS 1.0 Beta 1. The same OS as the Beta Sharp Expertpad. The physical differences between the Beta OMP and the production OMP include:

- "Newton Notepad" written on the back of the case.
- "Newton" written on the bottom left of the front (instead of Messagepad).
- No "Newton written on the top of the unit.

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