Newton 110

Newton Messagepad 110

The Newton 110 represented a departure in the case design of the Newton but provided little software advancement.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Newton 110 represents the first of 3 models which share a similar case design. The 110 case is thinner and longer than the OMP/100 case. As well, it provides a (non-removable) protective lid for the screen. The 110 still runs the 1.3 OS, so no advancements in software were made. Its case still provided the "grippy" texture found on the OMP/100. In fact, it feels a little more texturous than the OMP/100. However, according to many sources, the surface of the unit peels with much usage. As a result, in looking for the perfect 110 unit for your collection, you must be aware of its case condition.

The front of the unit simple reads "Messagepad" and is centered on the unit under the Apple logo. In contrast, the OMP/100 "Messagepad" type is offset towards the left of the unit.

Finally, the screen contrast of the 110 is dimished as compared to the OMP/100 and the PCMCIA lock switch is located differently in the 110 vs the 120/130 cases.

Rare Units

Clear 110

The Clear 110 is the best known Clear Newton. Although we can classify it as "rare", there are definately a fair number of them floating around. I'm not certain the exact number that were made, however, I have heard that the Clear 110s were eventually sold to the general public. As a result, this is the most popular of the Clear Newtons.

There seems to be at least 2 versions of the Clear 110. The difference lies in the lid.

The first variant has the black "Quick Tips" card glued to the underside of the lid. As a result, you can see the back of this when the lid of the Clear 110 is closed.

The other variant has a clear lid, but with a plastic grid molded into the lid.

I don't know the significance between the two units. If you do, please email me.

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