Newton 120

Newton Messagepad 120

The Newton 120 was another evolution of the Messagepad line.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Newton 120 provided a very similar case design to the Newton 110. However, the screen was replaced with a clearer one. As well, the "grippy" coating was eliminated - apparently a solution to the peeling of the 110. Finally, the PCMCIA lock switch was moved to a slightly more convenient location on the 120/130. (vs the 110).

The 120 is the first Newton that the model number appears on the case. "MessagePad 120" replaces "Messagepad" which had identified all previous Apple Newtons.

There are 2 versions of the Newton 120. The NOS 1.3 and NOS 2.0 versions. NOS 2.0 was a significant jump in the Newton OS. Handwriting recognition jumped to an amazing new level.

Rare Units

I have no information on any Rare 120. I haven't heard of any Clear 120s, ever. If you have any other information, it'd be appreciated.

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