Newton 2000

Newton eMate 300

First and only Newton with built-in keyboard and Clamshell design

Distinguishing Characteristics

Everything is different with this unit.

Primarily provided to educators/students, it was later opened up to the general public. The eMate has a very distinctive translucent green case. It is the only Newton with a PCMCIA Type III slot. The screen is the same resolution as the Newton 2x00, yet is larger so provides a 72DPI (vs 100DPI of the 2x00).

Rare Units

A friend and I actually joked about finding a rare Opaque eMate since the stock eMate was already translucent. Well - here it is:

An opaque Black eMate

While I have no offical word on the history of this devices, it was reported that many variants of eMates were demoed early on. Besides the translucent Green, there were also Dayglow Orange, Clear, and Black eMates at MacWorld.

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