Sharp Expertpad

Sharp Expertpad

One of the early Newton Clones.

Distinguishing Characteristics

It seems to be widely forgotten that Apple did license the NewtonOS to other manufacturers. Sharp was one of the first, and I believe released their Sharp Expertpad at the same time as the launch of the OMP.

The case design is very nice, and has more of a consumer electronics feel to it than the Newton itself. Somehow, the grey-color of the unit doesn't stand out as much as the high-tech look of the OMP.

Sharp built in a flip-cover lid into their units which opens around a hinge of the side, similar to the design of the MP2x00 lid.

Interally, the Expertpad 7000 is equivalent to the OMP and the 7100 is equivalent to the MP100.

For more pictures of the full unit, see Tomoyoshi Murai's Newton Collection (Click on the "My Newtons" link towards the bottom of the page) or The Newton Gallery.

Rare Units

Can you spot the difference?

The one of the right is a preproduction Expertpad running NewtonOS 1.0 Beta 1.

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