Digital Ocean Seahorse

Digital Ocean Seahorse

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Seahorse is a Newton Clone created by Digital Ocean. Internally, it is based on the Newton 130. As a result, it runs Newton OS 2.0, has backlighting, and all the other features of the 130.

In addition, the Seahorse is slightly more "ruggedized" (although not near as much as the Harris Access Device 2000 or the Digital Ocean Tarpon). It comes with a protective rubber boot which covers the unit.

Physically, it is thicker and taller than the 130. The extra space is occupied by a Wireless Modem which provides CDPD and Cellular service. As well, it uses a custom NiMH battery pack which gives you the power to drive this wireless communcation. An antenna extends from the top left of the unit.

In order to use the Cellular Phone capabilities of the unit, you need to plug in a Mic/Headset in the bottom right of the unit. The Seahorse comes with a custom app called "Virtual Phone" which provides you access to the cellular service.

Overall, an excellent and unique Newton. Unfortunately, the Seahorse was canceled right before the launch. Digital Ocean soon folded. As a result, none were sold, and only 40+ production units are in existance.


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Seahorse Dock design that was never produced.

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